Bored? Lost the will to live? Antipodean SF has my story Little Sequels up this month. It’s a reprint of the story that appeared in that scurrillous ratbag Russell Farr’s fanzine No Award earlier this year. Check it out.


Turned 33 on the 11th. Amazing, when I sit down to think about it, how little I’ve achieved. You know, the usual “By the time they were my age…” thing. Hendrix was dead by now, so was Joplin, Bill Hicks… I could come up with a nice, long, list if you cared.


Orright, now I feel a bit better about myself. You might remember I set myself the task of completing and sending out a dozen short stories before I returned to Public Service Hell in January. Well, as of last night that particular aim is well and truly met, mate. I’ve sent out 15 stories since I left work in July, including 8, count them 8, yesterday.

I still have to write the new Father Muerte story, tentatively titled Father Muerte & The Flesh, as well as get the novel up to scratch, but with two months of idyll left before the crap starts again, I’m pretty pleased with myself.


My copy of the CSFG anthology Elsewhere arrived in the post on Friday. Nice looking book, I must say. Did my usual: had a quick flick through my story, then read everyone’s bios (Geez, did I write mine THAT long ago?) before settling down to read.

I’m happy with the way my story A Stone To Mark My Passing looks. It’s very rare that I read a story of mine in print without wanting to make some edits, and this is no different, but it reads okay, and they’ve given it last spot in the book, which is a great place to be, so I’m more than pleased.