Ah well, I suppose everyone else is doing it, so I should make some goals for 2004 (apart from the obligatory “Lose all this weight currently turning me into Perth’s finest Peter Jackson impersonator”)

So, after due consideration, and in the full knowledge that I have to get off my ever-widening ass and write my Napoleon novel now I have a residency in August solely predicated on me working on the damn thing while I’m there, here are my writing resolutions for yon upcoming year:

1. Complete and send out 12+ short stories, including 2 new Father Muerte tales (and especially including the much-talked-about-to-anyone-who’ll-listen-but-not-actually-started-yet Father Muerte & The Flesh)
2. The spine of the Napoleon novel worked out by 31st March. An actual title beyond The Napoleon Novel might be good, too.
3. Said spine fully fleshed out, with detailed character run-downs and plot twists engaged, by 30th June.
4. 10 000 words of the novel written by the time I start the residency on 15th August.
5. 10 000 words of the novel completed during each week of the residency.
6. Complete enough of the novel by 31st December to enable me to start contacting agents and publishers.
7. As part of my desire to start making my name overseas, send stories to the following magazines: F&SF; Asimov’s;; Chi-Zine; Oceans Of The Mind; Leading Edge;; Interzone; The Third Alternative; Strange Horizons; Weird Tales; The Strand; and 3SF.
8. Dust off those old comic book ideas I’ve had kicking in my files for donkey’s, and actually send a completed script to DC and/or Marvel.

Check back here at irregular intervals for GOAL-WATCH, to laugh and throw rocks at me for how badly I’m achieving them 🙂