Got my copy of Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine Issue 10 today, with my story The Hobbyist as the lead story. My subscriber’s copy, that is, not my contributor’s copy with the luvverly cheque included. That’s still coming 🙂

Anyway, I’ve got a soft spot for ASIM. They’ve had the odd problem with internal mistakes and layout during the last 10 issues, but they’re generally quite well disposed to my stuff, and have a habit of liking stories from the wackier end of my writing spectrum. As a writer, they’re very good to me. So, shameless plug here: if you haven’t sampled their wares, bang on over to their website and take a gander. If you keep buying, they’ll keep publishing, and buying my stories I hope. I’ve another story in their next issue, edited by the more-than-lovely Lyn Triffitt. Ecdysis is a police story, involving snakes, dream analysis, and a future LA that isn’t so far-fetched if my visit there last years was any guide…

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