Well, here’s some news: the much-loathed job now, well, isn’t.

I handed in my resignation today.

Two weeks from now I shall be free of the stinking shitpile that is the Australian Public Service, to spend the rest of the year pursuing my writing and other financial options (of which I have a couple, although I’m afraid I shan’t be sharing those with you just yet…)

Is it a big gamble? Yep. Is it as scary as hell? Ho Yus! But the simple truth is that after 10 years I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve paid my pound of flesh many times over in both my professional and private lives. If I didn’t take the opportunity to free myself of the depression and stress associated with the hated-8-hours then I was going to crack up and/or never get out.

The impetus to get the Napoleon Novel underway and make a successful product out of it keeps growing.

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