3 stories sent out today, to Interzone, Aurealis, and Argosy. That makes 4 for the week, including the one I emailed to All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories the other day.

I’ve set myself a list of 13 magazines in the US and Europe that I will send stories to this year: I’m desperate to make the jump from solid Australian sales to making a mark on the larger scale, and the only way to do that is to start selling regularly to larger markets. Interzone is on that list, and I consider Aurealis to be the top Australian market, as no other local magazine currently has its mix of reputation, editorial quality, and distribution. Argosy and ASZAS weren’t on the list when I drew it up, but that’s an advantage: both look to be high-quality markets, and if it leaves me still needing to send to 12 off my list then it forces me to produce quality work.

Along with some fun and funky markets like Robert Hood and Robin Penn’s Daikaiju anthology; Nigel Read’s Superluminal project; and ConSensual A Trois, the year is shaping up as both challenging and enjoyable. Of course, if I don’t sell them, you might have to look for a “Weird Shit I Can’t Find A 2nd Market For” collection sometime next year 🙂


Got down and dirty with a couple of research books for the novel today. If I was working for the man, lying around on a couch all day reading books would be lazy, but when you’re a writer… 🙂 Hello workers, hope you enjoyed your day!

One of the biggest frustrations I have at the moment is finding good sources to tell me about Napoleon Bonaparte’s youth. As much stuff as I could possibly want about Napoleon the man, the General, the Emperor, the ice-cream salesman… the square root of bugger all about Napoleon the teenager. Which is, as I’m setting the story between the ages of 16 and somewhere around 21, a bit of a bugger.

So if anybody’s found anything useful talking about this period of the little fella’s life, there’s a place in the novel’s acknowledgements page if you contact me and tell me.