Okay dokey, a few people have actually asked which 13 magazines I’ve chosen for the list I’ve mentioned (I can only assume that these people have such sad lives that even writing slash is too much for them… >:) Hi to all my slash writing friends. Please put those knives away…) So, for the edification of those of you who have lost the will to live, my list of 13 is below. Those in italics have already received a story from me this year.

The Fat Fella’s List of Mintox Markets

1. Well-known porn magazine Asimov’s (For those of you who don’t get the joke, here’s the link, and here’s the reply)
2. Brutarian
3. Chiaruscuro
4. F&SF
5. Gothic.net
6. Interzone
7. Leading Edge
8. Oceans Of The Mind
9. Sci-Fiction
10. Strange Horizons
11. The Strand
12. The Third Alternative
13. Weird Tales

So there you go. If you think I’ve made any glaring omissions, and my laughingly-called-a-career will wither and die if I don’t send to this magazine or that magazine, let me know. F’rinstance, I’m aware I’ve left Analog off my list, but if you’d read any of my hard SF stuff you’d know why 🙂


I’m an unabashed fan of Terry Dowling’s writing, and I dare you to disagree with me once you read the likes of The Lagan Fishers or Stitch. Terry’s in town as part of the Perth Writer’s Festival, and Luscious Lyn and I have scored some of the few tickets to a writing workshop with him tomorrow. It should be fun: the last time we caught up with Terry, he and I sat at opposite ends of a coffee table trying to out-dirty joke each other while the Luscious One sat above us both laughing her ass off and slapping us both down 🙂


Went to pick my long-awaited and long-ordered copy of Trophy Night: The Best of Weddings, Parties, Anything this afternoon. $19.95 for the best Australian band I never saw (A long story best summarised along the lines of- every time they were here I somehow managed to be there…). Even better, when I walked out of the shop I saw the price ticket: $24.95. Then I stopped into the chemist to pick up some medication for Erin. Cost: $25.40. I give the girl $50.40. And get $40 change. Happy-fat-man-dance-of-joy!

Like I said: nothing to do with writing…