Writing this entry with some relief today: Luscious Lyn went in for her operation yesterday, and came out okay. Both of us have some awful memories regarding hospitals: the last time either of us attended one everything went pear-shaped in life-altering ways, so we had a lot of personal history on both sides to get past. Thankfully, albeit with quite a bit of post-op pain, she seems to have got through everything fine. The night before the operation was one of the worst I’ve ever experienced for stress. Today has been a great relief.

One of the benefits of today was that I managed to finish the story that had grown out of that rotten writing exercise I mentioned earlier. Father Renoir’s Hands is a truly nasty piece of work, a result of the stress leading up to the operation, some opinions I have on religion, and my deep underlying need never to write a remotely happy ending. I got 3/4 of the way in before stalling on Tuesday night, but finished the last 400 words in about 15 minutes today. Where the hell it’ll go is anybody’s guess at the moment, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be Catholic Reader’s Monthly… 🙂