Luscious Lyn went to the Doctor to have her stitches removed this afternoon, and found out the result of her operation. Thankfully, the pain she’s been experiencing for a while has been caused by an infection, which can be treated quite easily. A couple of months spent popping pills and it should all be over. Needless to say, given the range of possible results, we’re both very relieved.


So Erin goes to bed at 6.30pm, right? And what heralds bedtime? The closing credits of Doctor Who, right? (or Doggie-Yu in 2 year old 🙂 )

So guess who started crying and pleading “no nigh-nigh” when I played my recording of the Doctor Who theme at 5 o’clock this evening? Tee hee.


A good day for work today. Sent two stories off to list-o’-13 magazines, and completed a rewrite of one of my more troublesome stories. Each Sunday the Luscious One and I set ourselves a list of goals to be achieved during the coming week, and with 4 days to go I’m going to achieve mine with ease. Two reviews to finish and send off (Geoff Maloney’s excellent collection Tales From the Crypto-System and Robert Rankin’s not-even-excellent-on-its-Mother’s-side The Witches of Chiswick) and the first draft of a story for the third Consensual anthology of speculative erotica still to be written, but I’m in a good mood for writing.

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