For the first time in a few weeks Luscious Lyn and I have a full, uninterrupted working week ahead of us, and our weekly meeting last night seemed to be a chance for us to try and write a longer to-do list than each other. It felt good to get up this morning and come back from our walk (Lyn’s able to exercise again, although it’ll be a while before she’s back to full health: the operation took a lot out of her and I’m probably being overprotective to boot) and launch into it.

I sent another poem to ASIM, inspired by my recent sale to them, and got through a bunch of critiques for both the Online Writer’s Workshop I belong to and the KSP SF group. I sent my submission for this year’s CSFG anthology, Encounters away. I even got stuck into plotting for Nouvelle Hollande: 20 plot cards now adorn the wall of the office, a start on the probably-more-than-100 I’ll have by the time I’m ready to put pen to paper and start. Combined with getting some reading in, it wasn’t at all a bad day.

Tomorrow shapes as another biggie: I have a bunch of stories to draft, and 2 that I’m looking forward to starting- the elephant story has just about crystallised in my mind, and I want to start the story from the KSP SF writing exercise I mooted last meeting. For the record, I’m going with the Simon Brown quote. (see further down the page)


One of the fun things about Dr Who being back on the telly is that it’s given me a chance to revisit one of my great childhood memories, and visit it upon a whole new generation of kids. Morley Library has a great catalogue of videos, so on the few occasions when we get Lyn’s boys Blake and Aiden over, we love to put one on and explain why The Master’s cool, why Leela is the best companion, why Lee goes all wet at the mouth when the 2nd Romana’s on… vital education the boys don’t seem to get at home 🙂

So how proud a step-Dad was I this morning when we got out of bed to discover the boys had got up, got themselves dressed and ready for school, and were happily watching The Greatest Show In the Galaxy? How even prouder was I when when they became truly annoyed at the thought of having to wait until the next time we have them (Wednesday afternoon) to see how it ends? My boys!!!!!!

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