Went into the City to get Cassie’s birthday present this morning. The Luscious One discovered a bridal shop on our travels, and immediately banished me to the nearby 2nd hand bookshop while she went on a girlie-browse 🙂

Whereupon I discovered the magazine rack, and walked away with a bunch of 1960s F&SFs for 2 bucks each.

Original stories by Silverberg, Asimov, Alexei Panshin, Ron Goulart, Leigh Brackett, Damon Knight, Reginald Bretnor, Sprague De Camp, Judith Merril, Zenna Henderson, Poul Anderson, Barry Malzburg, Joanna Russ, Michael Bishop, Vonda McIntyre, Denis Etchison… Avram Davidson book reviews… Gahan Wilson cartoons… Asimov science columns…

Welcome to Fanboy Heaven 🙂