Our last day in Brisbane today. We spent yesterday in the company of Geoff and Diana Maloney, a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with two delightful people. We’ve decided to spend as much time as we can, when we get back, persuading them to come over to Perth so we can return the favour.

On the subject of which, we’re heading home tomorrow, rather than going to Canberra and Conflux. The Luscious One had to go to the hospital last night because of some bleeding, and was diagnosed as suffering from a haemorrage (? Durned non-spellchecking public access terminals) in her uterus. It’s resulted in a threatened miscarriage, and we really just want to get home and surround ourselves with family and familiar doctors.

The next two weeks are critical, but if we get through them okay, things should be fine. Right now there’s a 50% chance we’ll lose the baby we call ‘Nemo’, but we’ve seen him/her on an ultrasound, and we know s/he’s healthy, so we’re hopeful.