See, before I met Lyn, I had an office in my house. And in my office I had three bookcases: one for my non-fiction books; one for the fiction books I’d read; and one for the fiction books I hadn’t read yet. And I knew EXACTLY at what point on the floor each of the overflowing piles merged into the other.

But then Lyn and I moved in together. And merged our book collections. Which meant we had to fit our books into 7 bookcases (I’m not allowed the keep them in piles on the floor anymore…). You think it’d be easy…

I moved in back in November. I managed to fit them all in properly, oh, two and a half minutes ago?

Now to get them in alphabetical order…


We saw a doctor on Tuesday, and she’s ordered another ultrasound for Friday. As of right now, we remain in the positive 50%. Lyn’s still getting plenty of bed rest and taking things easy. We had the kids over yesterday, so we bought Season 4 of Futurama and spent a lot of the day lazing about watching it: nice to have an excuse 🙂

We’re a long way from being out of the danger zone yet, but each day that passes without the miscarriage happening is a day closer to our child being safe.