So after much prevaricating around the shrubbery, I started the third Father Muerte story yesterday, Father Muerte & the Flesh. In 1500 words I’ve managed to introduce a new major character, and kill off an old one (no hints, just wait and see).

In typical fashion, having not had an FM idea for ages, as soon as I start on one story I get the idea for the next. Provisionally titled Father Muerte & The Joy of Warfare, it looks to be the first FM story that springs unbidden to me, rather than being the result of finding out a bunch of weird things while I’m researching something else. Can’t wait to see what happens: I’m as in the dark on this one as anybody else…


Fab and groovy purveyor of weird words Geoffrey Maloney is convinced I should gather together my stories and persuade a publisher to put out a collection. Boy I’m tempted, but I’m not convinced I have enough quality on the ground. He doesn’t seem to be giving up, though 🙂

I don’t know whether it’s my own affliction, or whether other writers suffer from it too, but I have no damn idea how good or bad my stories are, beyond the fact they sell or don’t. Anyway, if anybody’s got any opinions, hit the message board or email me: I’m intrigued.


Still nowhere near out of the woods yet. Luscious is still getting plenty of bed rest. We’d love to be hopeful, but things remain too close to call.

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