Up to 2100 words on Father Muerte & the Flesh today. I love writing Father Muerte stories: dunno how it works for other writers, but I generally have at least a loose idea of where a story is going to go before I sit down to write it, and a lot of the writing process is connecting the dots along the way. But with FM I generally just let the pen do the writing, while I hold the other end and wait to be surprised. And there’s a lot of fun stuff in this one already (that’s the other thing: FM stories get built up like cake– each new draft adds a layer to the story, as I try to cram more cool stuff into the gaps I haven’t filled yet…). By the time it’s all packaged up and put into an envelope this might be the weirdest one yet. (And if Aurealis ever publish #33, with Father Muerte & The Rain in it, you’ll realise what a boast that is 🙂 )


Ahem. I started the novel tonight 🙂

840 words in just under the hour I allowed myself, and I’m nowhere near the end of Chapter 1. So it looks like I can waffle on as much as the next guy 🙂