Enjoyed the company of Cheshire and Callisto last night for dinner. While the girls watched Big Brother, Chesh updated a few bugs in my computer while I watched him (my main technical skill) and we talked comics. Like me, he would love to get a script or two sent over to the big companies and see if he can pick up some work, but while I’m fiddling with something featuring Quicksilver, he has his heart set on Dazzler.

And for the record, the Luscious One makes the best tacos going…


Tales of Nireym is one of the few straight fantasy stories I’ve written, and Orb have just told me they want it. With my recent sale of Through The Window, Merrilee Dances to ASIM, that leaves me without a traditional fantasy story in my envelope-pile. Guess I’ll have to start reading those folklore books again…


Completed and sent in my editorial for Ticonderoga Online Issue 2 this afternoon. It comes out on the 15th. Be there.