The latest issue of Aurealis has an editorial by Keith Stevenson, in which he discusses how he came to choose certain stories. Of Father Muerte & The Theft, which appeared in issue 29, he says: “Lee Battersby’s creation had great atmosphere- comfortable, entertaining and satisfying… he sets up all sorts of questions in the mind of the reader about Father Muerte, Costa Satanas and the other inhabitants, and provides some tantalising answers that leave you begging for more. This story just felt like an instant classic. And since we published it, I’ve been badgering Lee to produce further installments.”

Ooooohhhh. Instant Classic. I’ll humbly accept that :)))


A really positive rejection from Ellen Datlow at Sci-Fi.com in the mail today. Scifi.com is one of the top 3 SF markets out there, so having the editor describe your story as moving, and state she wants to see more, is encouraging indeed. Of course, that will involve getting off my arse and writing some more…

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