Got the galley proofs of my story Silk for the upcoming Wheatland Press anthology All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories the other day. It’s nice to see your work in print: there’s a solidity to it, and a sense of permanence, that you just don’t get from seeing it in manuscript form. The anthology is due to be released in late Octoberin the States. If you’re in Australia you may be best off ordering it through the Wheatland Press website.


And it contains my story Tales of Nireym. Go buy! You’ll find it here.


We had a great time at Fasta Pasta on Saturday. More than 20 people turned up to help us celebrate Lyn’s 35th, and the last of us finally shuffled out over 4 and a half hours after we arrived, just in time to let the staff clean up our mess before the dinner crowds rocked up. Thanks to everybody who came and made it such a fun and fabulous occasion. Luscious was touched to feel so popular, and left a very happy girl indeed.


Saw Shrek 2 with Luscious and the kids this morning. A notable event: it was Erin’s first trip to the cinema, and she coped with it admirably, sitting still and quiet and getting right into the whole experience. Pity the movie was such a disappointment: some nice moments, but nowhere near the sequel I was hoping for. The kids all seemed to love it, though. Spiderman 2 next…


The programme for this very groovy Chesh-organised convention is now up here. Keep the weekend of 9/10 October open, this one’s gonna be fun!

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