My talking plot generator (ie: stepson) Blakey-Boy came up with another pearler the other day. The family was gathered round the Tv, and that annoying Cadbury’s advert came on, in which the entire world is made of chocolate. So we started pulling it apart (as you do), decrying the stupidity of the whole exercise.

“Look at the sun,” one of us exclaimed. “How would it shine?”
“Maybe it’s made out of light chocolate.” said Blake.

………Fair enough………


Big brother is almost over, thank the Gods. That mouth-breathing throwback Ryan was given his orders on Thursday night, and the rat-faced surfer boy Paul went last night. How sad a family are we that we all broke out into cheers when each name was announced…? 🙂


Maybe it’s the change in editor, or maybe I’m becoming a better writer, but my latest submission to Asimov’s received a personalised rejection from new head banana Shiela Williams. In my best Maxwell Smart voice: missed by that much.


Sometimes you wish people would think these things through: I lost a full day with the kids on saturday by virtue of spending it at the KSP, volunteering my literary services for their Book-In-A-Day charity affair. Put simply, a group of us writer types collaborated on an 8000 word story which we wrote, illustrated, and bound ONE copy, which will be given to Princess Margaret Hospital for their library, along with a cheque for the sponsorpship thereof. Each of the 7 writers involved plumped up 20 bucks for the priviledge.

20 bucks, and 12 hours, to produce 8000 words and half a dozen or so illos. I could have stayed at home, written one in 4 hours, and donated it.


It’s been 35 years since the moon landing, this week. What a waste. The stars are just sitting up there waiting for us, and what have we done? Stuff all.


I start my KSP residency in 2 weeks, and set myself a target of 10 000 words on the novel by the time I started. I passed that on Friday, 2 weeks early. Yay me. I should be well ahead by the time the 16th rolls around…


The school holidays are over, and we dropped the kids off at school this morning. They’ll be back at their father’s house by now. I miss them. We had a blast these last 2 weeks.