A big woohoo to Ray and Donna, on the birth of their daughter Grace on Wednesday. I’m stonkingly happy to be an uncle again! We’re off to the hospital with the kids this evening to meet the new arrival and ooh and aah and get clucky and stuff. It’s probably a good thing Luscious is already pregnant…


We went to the hospital on Wednesday for a progress report on our own pregnancy, and to set the ground should Lyn need to be transferred during the home birth. All seems to be progressing wonderfully, and despite the doctor’s best attempts to persuade us to forego a birth in our own surrounding in favour of travelling 40 minutes to the kind of place we’ve both had terrible birth experiences in, we felt really positive coming out. We’ve now reached 21 weeks, so we’re now closer to the birth than the conception, and all is happines and light in our pregnancy for the first time since Brisbane at 6 weeks.


A couple of things going down at the Katharine Susannah Prichard writer’s centre on the 8th of August that involve the Luscious One and myself. Firstly, the Thursday morning writing group we attend will be launching it’s second anthology Word Thirst between 10am and noon, with readings from both Luscious and I plus others, as well as nibblies, music and champagne. I’ll say that again: CHAMPAGNE! Copies of the anthology will be on sale for 9 bucks, and if TLO and I can rustle up some of our own publications we’ll have them there as well for purchasing.

Same batday, same batplace, at 1pm, comes the announcement of the KSP SF Awards. My story The Dark Ages has been shortlisted, and the event will feature readings from the various winners. Last year saw the likes of Luscious, Carole Ryles and Matt Chrulew taking to the podium, so if you’re into West Oz SF get yourself down there and give it some support.


On the subject of KSP, Luscious and I were interviewed there during the week by a journo from the Midland Echo. Not sure when the interview’s coming out, but if you receive the paper, keep an eye out for it. We forgot to ask for copies, so let us know if you see it and we’ll arrange to grab one or two.


Received news today that my erotic horror story Love Me Electric has been accepted for publication in the anthology Consensual a Trois. It’s the second time in a row I’ve placed with this outlet: Moment was featured in their second anthology. It’ll be for sale at Swancon Thirty next March.

1173 WORDS

That’s how far into my submission for the upcoming Daikaiju anthology I managed to get last night. Quite pleased with myself, I am: Lyn and I had 90 minutes or so to write, and I wasn’t interested in working on any of my current projects, so I just sat down and started banging my flippers at the keyboard (Thanks Adrian, for that saying!) and out it came! Luscious finished her own submission during the week, and it’s bloody good, so the house is just full of giant monsters at the moment.


Kid free weekend this weekend. No plans. Lots of writing. Sleeping in. Aaaaahhhhh…..

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