4th JANUARY 1913 – 28th JULY 2004

Just returned from my Grandfather’s funeral. We weren’t overly close, especially not these last few years as he got much older and frailer, and my adult life left me with little time to travel and see him, but it’s still a sad occasion when a family member passes. Besides, he taught me the only card trick I’ve ever learnt.

As a final gift to his family, Granddad paid for us all to go into Kwinana after the service and have lunch at his local cafe. Which was lovely, but I think the tone is set for your funeral when those attending know they’ll finish up eating at a place called “Mr Food”.

I’ve had the ‘Mr Plough’ song from that episode of the Simpsons stuck in my head since the funeral ended…


Readers of this humble blog will be aware how much of a fan I am of pal KA Bedford. Pop over to his blog and bask in the warm glow of his new novel’s cover. So very cooooolllll………

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  1. Thank you for the mention re my book cover.

    Also, I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather, even if you weren’t all that close in recent years, it’s still a significant chunk of your family and history. I’m fortunate in that I still have one grandfather (who, it must be admitted, isn’t actually married to my grandmother), which I’m very happy about–but he’s in poor health, which I’m unhappy about.

    The best thing, though: when I was much younger, my grandfather took a keen interest in my writing, read everything I wrote, and followed my progress as I tried to figure out how to write stories, then how to write novels. Flash-forward to last Christmas, when I was able to give my grandfather a signed copy of my book, with a note thanking him for all that support when I really needed it. It’s not often when you can tell someone who’s important to you what they mean to you, but this was one such time, and it was wonderful.


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