Received word yesterday the my story A Stone To Mark My Passing from the CSFG anthology Encounters has made Ellen Datlow’s Recommended Reading list for 2003. This is the second year in a row Ms Datlow has noticed a stoy of mine- last year she accorded the same favour to Father Muerte & The Theft.

You could get to like a person who keeps doing such things 🙂


Luscious, Erin and I attended the annual KSP SF Awards ceremony yesterday, as I’d been shortlisted. Didn’t win, but you can never complain if you come in behind this year’s winner Carol Ryles. Carol’s a very talented writer, with a number of publications to her name, and I’m very happy for her: she is a deserving winner.


The Word Thirst 2 anthology was launched yestrday at KSP, before the SF Awards, and we had a packed house attend the combination champagne breakfast and readings. Lyn and I both read and Luscious seemed to be the hit of the occasion, spending her time alternating between baby talk and having people telling her how wonderful they thought her story was. We have some copies of the anthology at Triffbat House, so if you want to own the first time Luscious and I have seen print together (in fiction, anyway) drop us a line: they’re a measly $9 each and all proceeds go to enabling the Word Thirst Writing Group fund issue 3 later in the year.


This time next week I’ll be up at the KSP on the first day of my residency, hard at work churning words out on the novel. Can’t wait!

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  1. Congratulations on the Datlow mention, Lee! That’s recognition, that is. And the title of that story you mention, Father Muerte and the Theft, is evocative. How could a guy get his flippers on this fine piece of prose?

    And where should I send my $9 for that anthology with you and Lyn in it?


  2. You can send the money to us, care of us 🙂 We’ll pass it on to the group.

    Father Muerte & The Theft appeared in Aurealis issue 29, June 2002. You can get back issues by contacting superdude Keith Stevenson at that magazine.


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