Huzzah: having some friends over for a bad movie night on Sunday, and have managed to secure a copy of Hell Comes To Frogtown to go with my own copy of They Live. It’s a Rowdy Roddy Piper Movie Festival!

You have to love my local alternative video store Planet Video: only they, when faced with someone saying “I’m after this cheesy piece of Z-grade crap from the late 80s starring a second string wrestler that potentially nobody in the entire country has seen and only I am likely to remember” can reply “Yeah, we have two copies.”


Today has been a good day on the personal front. Nothing worth reporting to the eager masses, really, but just a good day. Lyn’s made some important stands in her personal life, and we’ve done some things together that have helped us feel like our life is moving forward, so there are some positive vibes in Triffbatt House at the moment. Smiles all round. We’ve even organised an appointment with a marriage celebrant.

One thought on “

  1. Hang on.
    2 movies???
    Tell you what. I’ll bring Chances along and we watch only one movie. Some of us have to be at work by 8 on Monday, and live an hour away from your place 🙂


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