Well, the movie night went off all right. Had visitations from Chesh, Calli, and the newly-returned Splanky, who brought her sick ferret to the accompaniment of much excitement from the boys and a solid 24 hours of asthma from Luscious. Splanky also brought a chocolate mousse that I’m still having to stop Lyn from licking off the inside of the bin 24 hours later…

Hell Comes To Frogtown is not only worse than I remember, it is worse than any movie has a right to be. Despite much giggling at Sandahl Bergman’s outfits, everyone else’s outfits, the make-up, the special effects, the plot, the fact that it would have been better as a bad porno, pretty much everything else and so on, it was still unanimously decided that I’m not allowed to pick the movies for a while. I did point out that I had mentioned it was a BAD movie night, but as Calli responded, I hadn’t pointed out that nobody was allowed to complain… Quote of the evening belongs to Aiden. In response to a comment regarding when the movie would please be over, he said “This movie was over before it began”. Chesh had his copy of the new Chances DVD with him, and the fact that we couldn’t wait to view an episode after the movie finished and the boys went to bed should let you know how bad we’re talking here.

Anyway, next week it’s Tank Girl and another episode. 6pm, our place, bring a dish for a pot luck 🙂


Arrived at the KSP at 9am and got straight into it. By lunchtime had banged out 2450 words of Nouvelle Hollande. As I’m aiming for 2000 words a day, was a pretty happy little fat man over lunch. With the Olympics playing silently off to the side of my room (yay, Australian woman can cycle and swim faster than other women, but we’re all crap at volleyball…) decided to unwind a bit after lunch by working on a story I’d started yesterday at the KSP SF group called Blake The God (Anybody who’s met the B-boy knows: he’s petite. So in the story he is worshipped by a bunch of teeeeensy tiny little aliens. Trust me, it works on paper, okay?). And I added another 1800 words on that before home time, for a grand total of 4267 words on the day! Not a bad total, to be sure. Almost KA Bedford like 🙂 The day finished with Luscious, Erin and I attending a cheese and bikkies soiree at 5.30 to officially welcome me, and now Erin’s in bed and an exhausted Triff and her exhausted Batt are going to follow her example.

Night all.

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