A full day today. Apart from my daily target of 2000 words, I also had appointments with 2 of the writing groups I’m contracted to visit: the Word-Thirst group I attend each Thursday and the Under 13s group the kids attend. While I’d be there normally, that still meant 3 1/2 less hours in which to reach my target.

On the bright side, Luscious stayed with me for a couple of hours after Word Thirst, for lunch and to do some study for her Uni course before she had to pick the kids up from school. Call me a silly old co-dependent if you will (I can hear you from here…) but Lyn’s presence gives me such energy and spirit that just being near her helps lift me if I’m flagging. We don’t have to talk much (in fact, she even had a short nap today) but just knowing she was there was enough to energise me, and I cranked out my word count with time to spare. I even reached a couple of significant milestones: the 20 000th word of the novel (see) and the 10 000th word of the novel written since the residency started (old) So-

Today’s stats:

Words on novel: 2421

Totoal words for the day: 2698

Words on novel while at KSP: 10 174

Cumulative total (all works) at KSP: 14 097

Total novel length: 20 272

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