Time flies when you’re typing: been a week since I updated my novel progress. So very quickly, a blow by blow stats update:

Friday 20th

A surprise visit from Lyn & Erin for lunch today, which was wonderful. We sat round having a picnic on the floor, and then the girls kept me company for a while as I worked.

Novel Total for day: 2899

Word Total for day: 3426

Novel words at KSP: 13073

KSP Cumulative Total: 17 523

Novel Cumulative Total: 23 171

Tank Girl for bad movie night tonight! I have such a deep love for this movie. Lori Petty is so cute: what happened? And that Malcolm McDowell stamp of cheesy goodness remains as fresh as ever. Finally, Luscious understands why I shout “Mutant Kangaroo” every time Ice T makes a Law & Order SVU appearance.
Oh, and if you’d come you’d understand why “Vitamin E cream?” is the funniest line in television history…

Monday 23rd

Finished a short story today and started 2 more. Getting a lot of short story work done in between large swodges of novel! Passed 15 000 novel words at KSP and 25 000 overall.

Novel Total for day: 2457

Word Total for Day: 3735

Novel words at KSP: 15 530

KSP Cumulative Total: 21 258

Novel Cumulative Total: 25 628

Tuesday 24th

Busy writing day. Head down, bum up. Nothing of importance to note.

Novel Total for Day: 2266

Word Total for Day: 4040

Novel Words at KSP: 17 796

KSP Cumulative Total: 25 298

Novel Cumulative Total: 27 894

Wednesday 25th

Attended the Karibu Writing Group, which has to be held in the coolest environs I’ve ever encountered: inside the old court building in the centre of Midland. It was a lovely session- the ladies of the group had little experience of SF and so the visit was a 2 hour Q&A session in which I got to explain why Star Wars and Star Trek were bad SF, the differences between SF, Fantasy, Horror, and all the in-betweens, and about a hundred other questions. I also read out my story A Stone To Mark My Passage, which drew a round of applause. Consider MY ego rubbed 🙂

I even passed 20 000 novel words at KSP, and 30 000 in total.

Novel Total for Day: 2493

Word Total for Day: 2850

Novel Words at KSP: 20 289

KSP Cumulative Total: 28 148

Novel Cumulative Total: 30 378

And in the evening we met and booked our marriage celebrant, a lovely lady by the name of Dorothy Harrison who is the aunt to Western Australian SF uberguy Grant Stone. Talk about keeping it in the extended family! 🙂

Thursday 26th

Writing groups ahoy today: attended the Word-Thirst as usual, then also made appearances at the Youth Writing Group and the Thursday Night Group, meaning that it was almost 10pm when I left, a 14 hour work day! Je suis un exhausted little fat writer man by the time I got home. However, despite the time spent consorting, got a lot of work done on the novel, and managed to start another short story, as well as having the joy of Lyn’s company for most of the afternoon. Being with Luscious just makes things better. It’s not anything tangible, I just feel happier, lighter, when she’s with me.

Novel Total for Day: 3027

Word Total for Day: 3714

Novel Words at KSP: 23 316

KSP Cumulative Total: 31 862

Novel Cumulative Total: 33 405


I felt Connor moving for the first time last night. I’m still grinning.

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