I had a car accident three years ago yesterday. A woman came through a stop sign without, well without, and t-boned the car I was driving, writing off the car and giving me injuries to my back and neck that I’m still having treated three years later.

Three hours short of three years, and it happened again. Not so bad this time (the car is still driveable), but if I were to believe in such things I’d be freaked out by fate around about now.

Here’s a hint to all you drivers out there: amber means SLOW DOWN AND PREPARE TO STOP!


Went to dinner at a Thai restaurant last night, a Swancon fundraiser with special guest Sean Williams. It was a delightful night, with articulate, enjoyable conversation, sensational food, and wonderful company.

We had to leave fairly early after dinner, and so couldn’t stay for the late-night conversations: my neck was giving me a lot of pain, and Luscious was just about out of energy and needed to sleep, but it was the kind of event we don’t attend often enough. A brilliant evening.


For no reason at all, Luscious turns to me this morning and out of the blue announces “It’s a good job I’m not pregnant to The Rock, otherwise this baby would be Third Son From the Rock.”

Who are you, and what have you done to my Lyn?


Took Aiden and Blake to see the Yu-Gi-Oh movie today. They’ve been wanting to go since they heard one was being made, and wanted me to take them. They even put together a card deck for me so that I can duel them, and presented it to me before we went. Then they bounced around like insane happy things all the way to the cinema, while we were buying the tickets, while we were buying the sweeties, while we were finding our seats, while we watched the movie, and all the way to lunch, where they bouned around like insane happy things and told their Mum & sister all about it. I have to learn how to play the damn game so that they can duel me tonight.

The Yu-Gi-Oh movie is really really really bad. The boys loved it. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.


She’s 13. She’s the coolest creature in the world. The rest of the family are nerds (hey, if the propeller beanie fits…), and she lets us know it in no uncertain terms.

So how much did I laugh this afternoon when Cassie, instructing us in the correct way to pronounce “Bach”, told us to say it like we were speaking Klingon? 🙂

My work here is done…

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