Every now and again I have one of those moments where laughing and drinking mix together in an explosive way.

Luscious and I have been watching The Practice recently, mainly due to James Spader’s fantastic performances: they’ve given him all the lines I like to refer to as “Groucho lines”. Now they’ve added William Shatner to the mix, and frankly, it’s hilarious. Last night, however, it reached a moment of true comic genius.

To whit: Shatner takes Spader out shooting. He explains to Spader that to help you concentrate, you shout out the name of someone you hate as you pull the trigger, then proceeds to demonstrate, shouting out “Clinton! Bin Laden! Saddam!”. Then it’s Spader’s turn, and we get this exchange–

SPADER: Mother! (shoots, misses clay pigeon by the proverbial country mile.)
SHATNER: I’m sorry, did you just shout ‘mother’?
SPADER: (Deader than the deadest deadpan ever deadpanned) I only meant to scare her.

The coke was coming out my nose, out my ears, out my eyes…


The movers are coming this afternoon to pack everything away, and we don’t get the phone connected until early next week, so I’ll be offline for a few days. I’ll leave with you this quote, aimed in my direction earlier this week. A friend discussing my current level of ‘fame’:

“I knew him when he was just a folk singer. Actually, I knew him when he was just a folk talker…”

See you next week.

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  1. Hey Lee,

    I am feeling for Lyn right now. Good luck with it all, bubsy, move et cetera.

    PS Dreamspiders in final draft. Chocolates still owing. Haven’t forgotten. 🙂


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