It was loud, it was expensive, but Erin and her lick-n-stick elephant tattoo covered, hotdog-chip-&-cake filled, personal tour of the zoo with a tame docent treated body feel asleep in the car on the way home with a big smile on her mush, so I guess it was worth it.

I got to try out the new DVD camera with some wonderful footage of happy Triffbatt childer on the Carousel, and a fabulous moment where the 3 year old girl wishes herself Happy Birthday to camera (never too late the set the seeds for an 18th Birthday embarrassofest…), and Erin had a ball on the train (her first journey) and ferry (she LOVES the ferry).

Lyn, Cassie, Blake, and Connor have headed out to Calli’s birthday party tonight. Aiden and I are staying behind to babysit sleeping beauty and watch the Merseyside derby on cable. Here’s hoping Everton give ’em a spanking. Not that I like the Toffees, but there isn’t enough cocaine in the world to make me like bloody Liverpool…


Thanks Adrian and Martin for the kind words. I only hope you’re right.

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