Recent arrivals to Triffbatt House: the latest copies of Aurealis and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, both containing work by your humble correspondent. ASIM #16 contains both a story, my anti-fantasy Through The Window Merrilee Dances, and a poem, Eight For Working, while the massive last-issue-by-the-fabbo-Keith-Stevenson biffo Triple issue Aurealis #33/34/35 contains the second Father Muerte story, Father Muerte & The Rain, which scored the cover! My first cover: small woohoo and waving of flag. Go to the websites, buy the issues, make us all rich.

And keep an eye out for ASIM #17, which will contain Luscious’ story The Memory of Breathing. If you’ve not read Lyn’s work before (Check out ASIM #7, or the Antipodean SF archives), you’re in for a treat, and if you have, well you haven’t read anything from her like this. It’s going to hurt your brain, I tells ‘ee!


Sold my first story of the year this morning. Gunslinger will be appearing in the Prime Books anthology The Devil in Brisbane, which should be appearing in September. I’ll let you know…


Many thanks and peck on the cheeks to Kirsty Brooks at Driftwood Manuscripts, who sent us a lovely card and bath book to commemorate Connor’s birth. I’m still struggling with some of the bigger words, but the pictures are great!

A big wet smooch and awwww to the crew at ASIM, also, who have presented Luscious and I with a beautiful card and ultra-fab stuffed dragon , as well as printing a congratulatory message in the latest issue of the mag. It’s a really lovely thought, guys. We’re touched.

I might even let Connor play with the dragon one day. If I get bored with it… you know… maybe…


Day 2! Another rather difficult one, what with Connor still unsettled, and much stuff having to be done. Still, I managed to press arse against seat and bash out a few words while Lyn took Erin and Connor for a play down the park this afternoon. Sigh. It’s not exactly KSP residency speed though, is it? Ah well, Erin’s back at daycare during the week and we can take half days about with the baby to let the other write. (Luscious is currently behind me on the laptop, pecking away while the toothpicks bite deeper and deeper into her eyelids)

Words For The Day: 651
Words on Nouvelle Hollande: 651
Year Total: 1263


Was just that. What a lot of fun: Marvel Comics done properly, with all the gosh-wow-sense-of-wonder intact plus a dark edge underpinning the humour that gave the movie zome real zing. Its top of the DVD shopping list for 2005. Unlike…


We pushed our luck: cocky after taking the baby into The Incredibles and getting away without any hassles, we followed up the next day by seeing Team America: World Police.

I wish I had a vacuum cleaner that sucks this much.

This is a seriously awful movie, simplistic, moronic, and with what little humour remains in South Park thrown out in favour of a simple repetition of ‘fuck’ whenever possible. It simply isn’t funny, whether you do it with puppets, or cutouts, or humans. Humour must have a base of intent, and apart from making silly-accent jokes about Asians and playing hump games with naked puppets (you know, like the rest of grew out of by about 10, if we were late developers…), the lack of invention, imagination, and frankly, talent, becomes apparent all too quickly.

I’ve now seen 4 Parker/Stone movies, and have loathed 3 of them. I have no choice but to add them to the Frankenheimer/Petersen memorial ‘Directors To Avoid At All Costs’ list.


Thanks to PRK and Torrie for throwing a much fun bash. Luscious and I really enjoyed the chance to get out and be with our friends, and we had a great time.


Day One of the 2005 goal period went well enough. Got my 500 words in, sent two enquiry letters to markets that have had stories for too long, and got a line edit in on Father Muerte & The Flesh, which should be ready to send within the next day or two. So, onto the word counter:

Words For The Day: 612
Words on Nouvelle Hollande: 612
Year Total: 612

Hmm, I’m expecting that to get a little more varied as time passes…


Shall be held next Sunday, the 9th of January. It’s the same deal as last year- bring a plate for a pot luck dinner. The theme for the first part of the year is Actually Decent Movies For a Change. Email me for address details if you want to come along.


Connor has been a monster all night, waking up on average about every 45 minutes to scream and carry on. Right now, Lyn’s tired, depressed, and doubting her abilities as a mother, and unaware that Connor’s gone to sleep while she has a shower to try and freshen up.

Which is a good point for me to tell her what a brilliant mother I think she is and how much I love her. which may be horribly soppy, but she’s always the first person to read my blog, so she’ll get this before any of you 🙂