Good news in the inbox this morning. ASIM have bought one of my KSP residency stories, Murderworld, for issue 23. Don’t hold your breath: it won’t be out until February next year 🙂 But 2 sales in 4 days bodes well for my goal of selling 10 stories this year.


Fun last night when our inability to be stuffed cooking a clever dinner for ourselves ended in an inpromptu BBQ dinner party for Chesh, Calli, Ju & Kaneda. Unplanned events are often the best, and this was no exception.

DAYS 3 and 4

Two good days: got a fair bit of writing in, and have Father Muerte & The Flesh all but finished. Tomorrow I’ll input the final changes and get it in an envelope, huzzah, which will leave me only about 15 stories in my back catalogue to work on…

Funny how setting realistic daily targets makes you feel prolific. I’ve done just under 3000 words in 4 days, and it’s much more satisfying than if I’d banged out 3000 on day one and sat around for the next three. Lyn has set the same 500 word per day target, and has almost finished a completely new short story. Given the burden she has with the baby, I’m just awed and impressed by her ability to clear her mind and concentrate on writing.

The human mind is a funny thing, although in my case I think the laughter is ever so slightly hysterical…

Day 3 Stats:
Words For The Day: 841
Words on Nouvelle Hollande: 841
Year Total: 2104

Day 4 stats:
Words For The Day: 800
Words on Nouvelle Hollande: 800
Year Total: 2904