What a wonderful, tragic, and heartbreaking movie this is. After our recent adventures in awfulness (with the exception of the delightful The Incredibles, which we can hardly accuse of being a highbrow movie), it was such a refreshing change to watch an adult film, with breathtaking performances all round, and come away genuinely moved by something that goes just a little way beyond the normal flix-fodder Hoyts dish up. Johnny Depp puts in a truly majestic performance, only challenged by Julie Christie doing the best work she’s done in years. If you had no plans to see this, change your mind, and if you have wanted to see it, make time soon. This is too intelligent and articulate a movie to last long in Australian cinemas.


I don’t normally comment on rejections, because it’s generally unprofessional, and all you can do is bitch which serves no purpose other than to cement your reputation as a prima donna BUT:

Sometimes I get one that tickles me just a little bit. Like the one I received today. I received a rejection from Weird Tales (a market I desperately want to crack for a number of personal reasons) because it was “too odd”.

You have to reckon that if you can be too odd for a magazine with a name like Weird Tales, you’re doing something right 🙂

Apart from selling the thing, of course…


Came home from the movie with something dark and nasty floating around in the back of my skull. Turns out it’s a story called The Terrible and Awful Tragedy of Growing Up Like Peter, and it’s really not very pleasant indeed. Still, I managed to bank almost 800 words of the thing this afternoon while Luscious looked after Connor, and a new story is always a good sign that I’m about to enter a productive period. I’ve also worked out what happens in the next Father Muerte story, which will be called Father Muerte & the Joy of Warfare, so providing I can find the time, I should be well on the way to getting through my yearly goals in the next few weeks.

Words For The Day: 785
Words on Nouvelle Hollande: nil
Year Total: 3689