True to my goal of concentrating on the novel in the first part of the year, I sat down today and wrote the first 900+ words of the next Father Muerte short story, Father Muerte & The Joy of Warfare.

I’d be annoyed if I wasn’t so pleased. 1 novel, 2 new short stories, 15-odd line edits… it’s just like old times.

Words For The Day: 984
Words on Nouvelle Hollande: nil
Year Total: 4673


Lyn had a rotten night with the baby last night, so I looked after him all day today while she had a sleep, went to the gym, and basically allowed herself the first ‘me day’ she’s had in God knows how long. I was so pleased to be able to take the load of her, even for just one day. She came in at the end of the day looking so much better than she had when she awoke this morning.

And to thank me for it, she presented me with a bottle of Irn Bru and a bag of choc-covered licorice pieces.

Yum 🙂


Rejoined the library this afternoon, amongst getting a whole bunch of craft stuff to do with the kids (They arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait!)

Wish I’d remembered the $23 fine I’d racked up before I moved to Morley…

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