Missed out on posting my word count on Saturday due to stuff and things and stuff, and I didn’t manage to write yesterday due to massive amounts of stuff and things and stuff, so I’ve had to douuble up today just to keep on track. Thank goodness half the kids are still asleep and the other half decided they wanted to watch cartoons.

Anyway, Saturday-

Words For The Day: 628
Words on Nouvelle Hollande: nil
Year Total: 5852

and today-

Words For The Day: 1399
Words on Nouvelle Hollande: 1399
Year Total: 7251

I finished my word count today by writing the first line of the final battle, so there’s a distinct possibility it might be finished by the end of February. Woot!


Is still a brilliant movie, and partway through watching it last night I realised why I love it so much. It’s a movie that treats knowledge and books with veneration. And in a world of Adam Sandler movies, that’s getting more of a treasure all the time.


Over the last 2 days we played host to: Lyn’s mother and stepfather for most of Saturday; My brother’s brood; and the Sunday Night movie crew; a total of 17 people crammed into our teensy house as well as the 7 of us.

I’m visitored out…

it was great to get Sunday nights up and running again, though. Dinner was fab, the conversation was fun and funny, and we have actual video footage to prove that Martin and Isobel came! Next weekend I’ll hunt up a copy of Cronos, or failing that, the utterly delightful Amelie.