Missed out on another 500 yesterday, so sat down this morning with the intention of pushing out 1000 to make up, and… nothing came. None of the projects I’m working on jumped up and demanded to be written, so the only option was to start another story and see what emerged.

What did emerge was 1100 words on something called The Squire, an historical fantasy that will attempt to strip back some of the romanticism plaguing stories about knights and chivalric combat. Or something. Hey, it’s only 1100 words into the first draft and generally I don’t know where stories are heading until they’re nearly finished. Still, i work best when I have a range of projects to focus on, and I certainly have that now.

Words For The Day: 1130
Words on Nouvelle Hollande: nil
Year Total: 8381


Interesting movie. I’ve not read the books, despite having a couple in the house and being quite well aware of what happens within them, so I had few preconceptions going in. And despite a woeful performance from the usually dependable Billy Connolly, it’s a clever, original, and funny movie. Until the last 10 minutes, when the director realises he doesn’t know to end the thing and it all grinds to a soppy and utterly unsatisfying end.

But stick around and watch the end credits. They’re the best I’ve seen in a heck of a while.

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