Had the most bizarre moment at the KSP SF group yesterday, bumping into my old housemate, Shelley. I haven’t seen her in something like 12 years, since she gained a teaching qualification and moved to the wastelands up North. She’s looking fabulous, is full of stories to tell, and we had a right old natter before hungry kids and the need to vacate the building sent us back to our cars. I’m looking forward to catching up with her once we get back from Brisbane and re-establishing what was a good friendship.


Tansy got back to me yesterday: she’s buying Blake The God for Issue 23 of ASIM. I told the B-boy, and he was cock-a-hoop. It’ll be out February 2006, so there’s a bit of a wait, but I’ve already told him I’ll get a copy for him.

Three sales in 17 days. I’ll take that as an average 🙂


Well, despite showing Amelie, one of the most delightful movies I’ve ever seen, only the fabulous Splanky showed up to the movie night last night. Ach well, we had a lovely night, and a brilliant conversation with her anyway. We’re in Brisbane next Sunday, and the weekend after that we’ll be at Genghiscon, so it’ll be at least 3 weeks before the next one. Have to see how interested we are by then. To be honest, we only put them on because it means we can catch up with friends who are generally busy every other night of the week, so if it’s not going to happen, well…


Went into Subiaco with Luscious and the kids on Saturday morning and purchased the paper for the wedding invitations. then she took the kids up to her friend’s place in Quinn’s Rock while I came home and kicked about. Managed to get 900 words down on Father Muerte & The Joy of Warfare, taking it to the turn of the last act.

Then attended the first KSP SF group meeting of the year yesterday, and ended up facilitating, which enabled me to run a couple of writing exercises and start two new stories into the bargain, which I’ve titled Mez and Fire Gods on the Jungle Planet.

All in all, a profitable writing weekend.

Words For The Weekend: 1529
Saturday: 963
Sunday: 566
Year Total: 11 155


Just for those who give a damn (only me, possibly). Currently on the Battdesk:

The Terrible & Awful Tragedy of Growing Up Like Peter: line editing
Father Muerte & The Joy of Warfare: 3056 words
The Squire: 1259 words
Mez: 265 words
Fire Gods On The Jungle Planet: 301 words
Nouvelle Hollande: 69 676 words