I might have a title for the collection that everyone can agree upon. Until further notice, the project will be titled The Divergence Tree.

Now for the cover art…


For those following it, you’ll be as pleased as I am to find out that the next pre-trial conference for the compensation case has been set for March 23, 3 years and 4 months after Sharon’s death. Ever start to get the feeling you’re just somebody else’s cash cow? Every time I think I might be getting close to putting everything behind me and getting on with my future they push it back, and back, and back.


On the bright side, Luscious and I are off to see a photographer today about the wedding. Things have changed since our first nuptials: this fellow is offering a comprehensive array of digital packages as well as the traditional film approach. It feels weird to be discussing putting your wedding album onto DVD, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Instead of a heavy, bound volume which you open twice before putting away at the back of your cupboard and never looking at again, you get a small disc which you can leave in your DVD collection and never look at again, and at least this way you can put some of the photos on your screen saver and see them when you’ve been stuck for words and staring at your screen for twenty minutes.

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