A lot has been written about Hunter S. Thompson’s selfish and brutal suicide. But I’ve read nothing more searingly honest and personal than the words penned by pal Martin Livings on his Live Journal.

Martin and I have a relationship based mostly on good-natured joshing. If you’re a pal, or a fan of his work (and if you’ve read his work, you were undoubtedly be an instant fan) then this is required reading. If you’re not, then this is required reading.

I should wish for the honesty this man shows.


Oh, why the hell not, everyone else has done this one:

1. Been arrested whilst walking the streets of Northbridge dressed in an 8ft tall pink rabbit suit and carrying a double-ended dildo of prodigious length.
2. Competed with Rove McManus in a Perth carpark to see which of us could do the better Thunderbird walk.
3. Managed a comedy club, and written its three hour performance each week.
4. Had lunch in the L. Ron Hubbard memorial library.
5. Watched Hal Clement sing Welsh Choral songs in the original Welsh tongue.
6. Danced a conga whilst dressed in a bright orange “Padme’s Handmaiden” costume.
7. Become a single father four days after my first child was born due to the mother’s death.
8. Been married as part of a Science Fiction Convention (okay, I’m 30 days early on this one, but it’s still pretty unusual…)
9. Fit into an aircraft toilet with a toddler at 33 000 feet. (It’s possible, but you have to be really certain about what order you do things…)
10. Received a Dalek-shaped BBQ apron as a Valentine’s Day gift.