Boy, some days you’re becalmed, and other days:

Read 120 pages of the manuscript I’m assessing, printed out 250 flyers advertising The Divergence Tree, line-edited 2 stories for the collection, read a bunch of submissions for Ticonderoga Online, edited the collection contract, shared words with a New York agent who expressed interest in the novel, shared words with a fellow writer regarding the intricacies of contracts…

We have a self-imposed deadline of March 19th (Party day: see below) to get everything for the collection finished as well as completing the novel, cleaning and organising the house from top to bottom, and having the wedding fully organised, so we can have a few days rest before the Swancon whirlwind. Many busy days ahead…


It’s a funny old game, in my best Kevin Keegan voice.

One of the stories in the collection, The Imprisonment of Marianne, was due to appear in Borderlands magazine this month, 7 months before the book came out. But the collection was pushed up to June, and I’ve received notice that the story has been set back to issue 6 of the magazine, which would mean it appeared in magazine format 3 months after the book. Which would not be cricket on my part.

Soooooo, I’m taking it out of the book. After all, it’s surrounded by a lot of just me in that place, whereas it will be the first time I’ve shared magazine space with Luscious as separate writers (we’ve done it as collaborators, and as editor & writer, but this is the first time we’ve submitted and been accepted separately, only to co-habit) which is something rather special.

I’ve got four reserves lined up, so all I have to do is choose between them. A few luvverly pals have volunteered to give an opinion, so at least I’ll have something to write in my acknowledgements 🙂

It’s a funny old game…


In the mail today: the Hellboy t-shirt I bought off Ebay. Significant beause it means that for the first time since I got involved in fandom I have enough black t-shirts to get through the 5 days of Swancon.



If you’ve not read it yet, Luscious’ latest review is of the Kim Wilkins novel Angel of Ruin. Check it out.


So whose idea was it to bring Spaceballs on Sunday? PRKs, that’s who. There’s a type of laughter because you find something funny, and a type because you can’t believe you once were amused…

Had a fun time, though. Next week it’s one from Cheshire & Callisto’s collection of disturbing Asian cinema melange-a-thons. Last time we watched one it was a mah-jong western, complete with rap singing gangsters in pink fluffy jackets. My kind of stuff, really 🙂