See that review of Dark City in my 25 movies to watch list? Take out Rupert Everett’s name and insert Rufus Sewell, would you?

That’s what I get for typing these things up at 1 in the morning…. Thanks to Paul A. for pointing it out to me.


It occurs to me that I should also mention that Borderlands 4 contains the single best non-fiction article I’ve read since I became involved in the Oz SF scene 4 years ago.

Then again, long time readers of this blog or my Ideomancer reviews will not be at all surpsied by the high esteem in which I hold Chris Lawson.


I found out earlier this evening that Tales of Nireym has been nominated for the Best Professional Fiction Tin Duck Award at this year’s Swancon.

Even better, ASIM 11 has been nominated for Best Professional Production. If you’d been privy to the amount of shit Luscious had to wade through just to get this issue to see print, you’d be lining up with me to accord her a medal. (A Tin Duck will do nicely, though). It’s a real vindication of her fight with the committee, and proof of not only her excellent editorial skills, but of the strength of character she showed by not backing down when some members of said committee (including a member of a fundamentalist religion who wouldn’t know pulp tradition if it reared up and bit her on the arse) came over all faint at the idea of a pulp magazine printing horror. Coz Weird Tales never did that, dontch’a know…

I’m extraordinarily proud of Lyn right now. I hope the ASIM members who are present at the Award ceremony have the grace to stand aside and let her take centre stage if the issue wins.