Just in case you’d forgotten, tomorrow night is the Last Days of The Triffitt Party. Here are the details once more:

26th March: Lyn Triffitt swaps her tired old surname for a new, 27% improved one!
19th March: She uses that as an excuse to have a party!

Where: 22 Redfox Crescent, Huntingdale
When: Saturday, 19th March, 7pm onwards.
Theme: Sure, why not? Tacky 80s it is! All the Plastic Bertrand, Toto Coelo, Captain Sensible, and The Buggles you could ask for! The Specials! Jona Lewie! Anybody else we can come up with in the meantime!
Food: Nibblies provided, as well as a bunch of soft drink.

Dress to theme and win a prize (Okay, we’ll probably just take a photo of you, but that’s something…)

I’ve got about 5 1/2 hours of lovely aural cheese lined up, but if anyone’s got a CD with Hayzee Fantayzee’s Shiny Shiny on it that they want to bring and let me rip to the playlist, it’d be much appreciated.


We cleaned, we assembled nibblies, we filled the fridge with a whole lot of wine. And they came in numbers, and they came bearing money, and they had a fabbo time as far as I could tell because I was in the other room keeping a non-Tuppery Cheshire company and getting wellied on Swancon fundraising champagne (that wine glass was deceptively large).

To everyone who came: Sarah, Ju, PRK, Kylie, Anna, Elaine, Davina, Christine, and Lily: Thank you, for your generosity (Lyn seems to have bought every container known to man with your gift donations), your enjoyment, and your obvious love for Luscious. You gave her a wonderful night, and a very happy occasion. As bridal showers go, it was weird and wonderful. Much like our relationship 🙂