Look at what The Internet Review of Science Fiction said about a certain Luscious wife’s story in ASIM 17:

It doesn’t get much darker than this.

Triffitt imagines a not-too distant future in which America’s death penalty practices are out of control. Not only do we murder the murderers, but we make them pay for their crimes as well. That’s right, we animate the corpses and set them to manual labor.

Best to read this in the tradition of zombie stories, rather than as science fiction. Because aside from the particulars of animation, which I am afraid Triffitt spends a bit too much time trying to rationalize, this is a very compelling, scary story.

(big snip in which the reviewer tells us the entire plot of the story)

The grimmest part of this tale, and where Triffitt shows the most sensitivity, is in the girl’s realization of and reaction to her fate. (another story-giving-away snip) It’s a well-written and touching conclusion.

Not bad, eh?

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  1. I’m not a fan of reviews that reveal the happenings of a story, and I try not to do so when I review. You want the reader to find out what happens when they read the story, not the review.But I just like showing off about Lyn 🙂


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