A quick survey of the garden reveals, besides the potatoes: 10 strawberries, 4 capsicum, and 4 tomatoes, all in various stages of growth.

I confidently predict an entire salad by Christmas.


A couple of people have requested information on how to preorder The Divergence Tree, so in the interests of the massive (well, a couple of you) public clamour, I tell ‘ee:

Go to The Prime Books Website. There’s no information on the book as yet on the site, but if you hit the Contact Us link, you can email them direct and badger them until they give you an order just to shut you up.

There. Easy, eh?


Posted by Hello
Posted by Hello

Purdy, aren’t they? They’re the front and back cover for an upcoming project under the control of Shadowed Realms poobahs Angela Challis and Shane Jiraiya Cummings. 4 fantasy novellas presenting the darker side of the West Australian experience, writing by yours truly; Luscious; the ever-froody Martin Livings, and Shane.

Writing for this could be fun: I don’t normally write at the length I’m being asked to present, so it’ll be a good stretch of the writing muscles, and there are a few ideas I’ve been wanting to play with that might get an airing. More news as it arrives, folks.

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