I realise it’s been a wee while since I posted, and that I haven’t mentioned the weekend, in which Luscious and I had a brilliant kafeeklatch with the extraordinarily talented Canberra writer Matthew Farrer (if you haven’t checked out the first CSFG anthology Nor of Human, it contains Matthew’s story Tales From the True Desert, which would go close to being the best Australian fantasy short story of the last 5 years). Neither have I mentioned bumping into Aki, the event which shall be known only as The Great Battbrat Shopping Palaver, Calli’s baby shower wot I missed due to Bonus Daughter Picking Up duties, and other events of the intervening period.

Explanation is simple.

I have a day job again.

Honestly, I’ll blog. It’s just been 16 happy work-free months, that’s all. I just have to get used to these early mornings again. It’s one thing to get up to a baby at 6am. It’s another to get up, stay up, and be in an office building in the city before you’ve really noticed you’re not back in bed yet.


Edit the novel. Finish reading the latest review book. Finish reading the manuscript I’m assessing and send back the 3000 word report. Send the final edit of the short story collection to the publisher. Writer short stories for Eidolon (due June 1), The Outcast (July 31), and a 10 000 worder for Fading Twilight (August 1)

Gordon Bennett!


Came home tonight to the wrong house. It’s so clean!

I don’t know whether that means Luscious really misses me and was compensating, or she’s glad I’ve got my fat arse out of her way so she can get things done.

My clothes are still in the cupboard and the suitcases aren’t anywhere in sight. That’s a good thing, right? 🙂

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