So here’s the news:

There was another pre-trial conference on Thursday. Friends and readers will remember how I felt after the last one, having gone in expecting some progress and returned with difficulties and upsets galore. I did not go into this one feeling the same way. I was prepared to go nowhere, and settle in for another wait.

I don’t know what had changed in the meantime.

We reached a settlement on Thursday, one that represents the best compromise possible, and enables me to look forward for the first time since 2001. Legally, it is best that I say no more, but in any case, the details are between myself, Luscious, and the various legal personages involved.

But, oh readers, the upshot for us all is this: I have returned to this humble page. There is still some paperwork to be signed, and details to be confirmed. In the meantime, slightly-altered-but-more-or-less-normal service has been resumed.

To whit:


Marvel at the utter groovy coolness of the new KA Bedford novel!

When I grow up I want a cover just like it.


In my time away, I sold a story. Yay me. For the benefit of those to whom this sort of thing remains a mystery, I should define that statement by saying I placed a story. See, you send a story out in order to be rewarded. That doesn’t necessarily mean you get paid money.

In this case, all I’ll get is an electronic copy of the electronic anthology. But sales will help my good pals Shane and Angela keep their excellent website Shadowed Realms going, and help the fledgling Australian Horror writer’s Association grow. Which rewards me, coz I’m a member, and I love the ezine.

Each story is a horror flash, of no longer than 120 words. Min is called I Can Make You Famous.

The anthology will be launched on Halloween night (when else?). Go. Buy.


If you’ve journeyed past Shane Jiraiya Cummings’ blog recently, you’ll be aware of the Fading Twilight collection: 4 dark fantasy stories by the lad himself, Martin Livings, Luscious, and me. (No, no payment involved, just a percentage of future royalties on sale. Don’t ask, just accept that there’ll be bugger all cash involved).

Luscious finished her novella today: 11 and a half thousand words, the first to get to the end of her chosen tale. As a comparison, Martin’s halfway or so through, and I’ve done….uh…. 95 words.

Lot of weather we’re having lately, innit?

Can’t wait to read her story: Aphrodite, Aboriginal spirits, death, rape, revenge from beyond all sorts of graves…. just my sort of thing 🙂