Who made out like a bandit on Father’s Day?

The 8-disc Hornlower Box set, the personalised momento Aiden hand-made for me at his after-school care (and which has been added to the cool-prezzie parade on top of my computer desk), the hardback Philip K. Dick biography, the bar of Toblerone so big I could use it to club kittens to death (not that I would, mind, but a man can dream….), and a bunch of flowers from the littlies.

I did all right 🙂

Spent the afternoon today at a family picnic in my brother’s backyard, laughing and playing with my Dad & Stepmum, my brother’s family, and our brood. For some bizarre reason, Luscious decided I should be waited on hand and foot. I, being of noble bearing and committed to the realisation of Luscious’ hopes and dreams, acquiesced 🙂

The kids were brilliant: funny, well-behaved, engaging, and just so much fun to be with. Cassie’s breakdancing demonstration will be the source of giggles for a long time, as will the sight of my brother dribbling a soccer ball with Aiden & Blake literally hanging from his back: someone must have told them the game was played above the shoulders, otherwise the headlocks will need to be explained…

Now we’ve dropped the Triffkids back at their Dad’s house, the Battbabies are in bed, the house is quiet and the world has been safely locked outside. Time for a video, a cuddle, some time spent quietly reading with my beautiful wife beside me, and I can call this day perfect and complete.

Sometimes this whole blended family thang works to perfection.

Song of the moment: Infected The The