So we were out on the patio yesterday afternoon: Luscious was nursing a sinus infection, I was nursing the after-effects of back spasms that have resulted in 3 days off work, and Erin was nursing us as only a 3 year old can do.

Guess who took it into his head to crawl over to his sister’s toy trolley, haul himself up to the standing position, and push it across the patio?

My son’s first real steps, and I was there to see them. The best painkiller there is.


Adrian Bedford has his new novel, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Stephen Dedman has sales to Brutarian and Weird Tales to celebrate.

Dave Luckett has no less than 3 novel projects on the go, all at the behest of publishers who initiated the contact.

And Martin Livings has just been awarded a whopping great grant through the Arts & Literature Council.

Well done, guys!

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