It was with great happiness that we attended the wedding of Grant Watson and Sonia Marcon yesterday. Grant is an artist for whom I have the highest respect and feelings of friendship, and he and Sonia are as well-matched as any couple I have met in years. His love for her is obvious to any who know him, and the respect and adoration they show each other is a joy to observe.

They have our most sincere wishes for a life of happiness and well-being.

The wedding ceremony was quite beautiful, taking place in a picturesque park in West Perth. The words spoken were heartfelt, the readings were appropriate, and the whole thing went on long enough to be special and short enough to be enjoyed. The bride arrived in a vintage yellow car that reminded everyone of Bessie, Dr Who’s automobile. Given Grants’ loathing of Jon Pertwee, I thought it a wonderful moment. Everyone was happy, both for the couple and to be in attendance, and it was one of the sweetest weddings I’ve been to.

For most of us, the wedding occured in two parts: the ceremony in the morning, then a party in the evening. Lyn’s Mum & Stepdad journeyed from Goomalling to spend time with the kids, so we took the opportunity to book into a hotel for the evening, where enjoyed a much-needed nap before the party started. Once there, true to form, every attendee of an SF/fan background crammed themselves into the tiny corridor outside of the official party space, where the heat, non-directional noise and general claustrophobia had me performing my one-man show Man Trying Not to Scream and Jump Out of Window within about an hour. I’m not often claustrophobic, but when I am, I really am.

Luscious had a fabulous time, tucked into a champagne-soaked corner with Callisto, Dr K, Fe, Liz, Heather, and Anna. And I learnt many new and interesting things from my conversations with friends, including the theory of Molecular Gastronomy, and exactly how many shows Reeves & Mortimer have been in. And when I told Lyn I really needed to go, we gave Stephen Dedman a lift home and spent a thoroughly relaxed and enjoyable hour chatting before heading back to the hotel for a midnight spa before bed.

There are worse ways to spend a Saturday…

Lyn & I, enjoying the moment

Is it any wonder I call her ‘Luscious’?

In order: Beautiful bride, ecstatic groom, 6 knobbly knees…
I’d like it noted that I kept a straight face when Luscious’ Mum referred to her Stapfather as a prolapsed Catholic.
Medal please!

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