With 4 days until we jet out to the Aurealis Awards, the Australian Horror Writers Association have announced their shortlist for the 2006 Australian Shadows Award. And I’m on it.


The full listing is:

The Grinding House by Kaaron Warren
Shadow Box edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings and Angela Challis
Pater Familias by Lee Battersby
Father Muerte and the Flesh by Lee Battersby (Not bad for a story I haven’t seen in print yet…)
The Red Priest’s Homecoming by Dirk Flinthart

The shortlist will be presented to the Guest Judge to decide upon the winner, and that winner will be announced in April/May, with the award presented at Conflux 3, 9-12th June in Canberra.

A nice boost to the confidence just before the AAs, and another notch in what’s turning out to be rather a positive writer-guy week. With Erin and Connor off to school over the next two days, I’m revved up and breezy for getting some good wordage down before we fly out.


I’ve been meaning to blog this for blooming ages, but keep getting distracted. Born out of a discussion between myself, Martin Livings, Shane Jirayia Cummings, and Stephanie Gunn, a poll:

What should be the next flavour Coca Cola puts on the market?

a) Tuna Coke
b) Feta Coke
c) Wasabi Coke

Vote on the message board.


Because we just can’t get enough of change at Work-In-Progress House, Luscious and I have put into effect something we’ve been talking about for a while now: I have left work, and shall be staying at home in my new role as House Husband and Full-Time Dadthing, and the Luscious One will take on the role of Bacon Gatherer. Part one of that mission has been to return to something she did a while back, with some success: my beautiful wife is a Nutrimetics Consultant.

Nutrimetics is a life-long commitment for Lyn: she’s been using the products since she was 10 (she won’t let me reveal her true age, but it is a whole number between 35 and 37…), so it’s something she believes in strongly. For readers of this blog, we’ll be posting regular specials for party bookings and catalogue orders, so if you’re looking for cosmetic and skin health solutions, contact her and have a chat. You’ll find an online catalogue here, or for the full catalogue, you can email Lyn and she’ll send one out to you.

As a start-up, book a party before the end of March, and you’ll receive not only a deluxe facial (worth $45) but an Aromatherapy Body Massage Oil valued at $25!

Also, until the 10th of March, the following special packs are available. Buy one, and you’ll also receive a free facial:

Hand Indulgence Pack
5 Step programme featuring:

1 Hand and Nail Treatment Crème
1 Intensive Hand and Nail Soak
1 Cuticle Treatment Crème
1 Body Massage Oil
1 Nail Colour of your choice

Value $137.00
Only $ 70.00
Save $67.00

Inside The Office And Out Pack

1 Ultra-Care Day Lotion
1 aromatherpay Foot Balm
Value $79.00
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Save $27.00

Lyn particularly recommends the latter pack. The Ultra-Care Day Lotion is an essential daily moisturiser that smoothes the skin and is quickly absorbed so that your skin feels softer and smoother while being protected against harmful sun exposure. It’s also a protection against the harmful rays emitted by computer screens. If you’re reading this now, invest in it! 🙂

Song of the moment: Leather Tori Amos