Luscious starts her job on Monday. A wee while ago, we decided to swap places– she would go out to work and I would stay at home and be the house husband. I’m so proud of the way she’s gone about looking for work, and the way she negotiated to create the position she wanted out of the one that was advertised, it makes me determined to keep my end of the deal up: she deserves the best home envirnoment possible to reward her dedication and care for this family.

Anyone know the number for a good cleaner? 🙂


I’ve always liked Daryl Hannah, because I think she’s been a better actress than much of the material she’s chosen, and you know, she’s hot. But we sat through the first episode of The Final Days of Planet Earth during the week, and oh God, everyone involved should be hauled off to the salt farm and have their skin flensed from them before being put to work. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a derivative, illogical, badly acted (although calling what Gil Bellows does ‘acting’ would be gilding a field of lilies), incompetently produced pile of crap.

We didn’t bother with part 2, which is unusual for this family of completists. But I only have one life span: I have to make it count.


So my wife woke up yesterday morning and decided to kick me out of the house for the day, to reward me for recent housey-put-togethery activities. Had me a water massage, shopped for some personal effects, lazed about the library reading gardening books (I’m really getting into designing our backyard at the moment, along with Aidey-baby), and took myself off to watch Aeon Flux, which I’ll chat about in the next paragraph. ‘Twas a brilliant day, and I came home a happy and refreshed Battboy. If you make it as far as Whitfords City shopping centre, I do recommend you lash out 20 bucks on a water massage. It is so choice.

But Aeon Flux: I’ve always defended Charlize Theron, because, you know…. but did the director have to remember she was a beautiful woman every 5 seconds and give us the obligatory ‘babe’ shot? Had this just been a B-grade dress-fest puff piece (you know, like a Matrix sequel) I could have got on with hating it and been happy. But the damn thing looks so beautiful, and suddenly, about two-thirds of the way through, they drop what could have been a brilliant philosophical core into the thing for no reason (and ultimately, no purpose), and so I left the cinema not hating it, but being disappoiointed at what the film could have been.

There was potential here for something that transcended the subject matter’s origins, and could have been a genuine genre classic. And they missed it, because they needed to dress the beautiful people. And despite all that, it was still a watchable 90 minutes of illogical puff. It just could have been something special. Damn damn damn. I am so sick of SF movies that leave me explaing to friends and family that no, that is not what I write.


So it was 10.45 am on a work day, I was in a cinema to see Aeon Flux, and there were something like 60 people in there with me, and 2 of the 3 previews were for X-3 and the latest Superman revival, and a significant percentage of the audience cheered to see both of them.

And the normals sneer at the nerds why?


Philip Seymour Hoffman is in Mission Impossible 3.
Vingh Rhames is in Mission Impossible 3.
Laurence Fishburne is in Mission Impossible 3.

So my question is: WHY? FOR FUCK’S SAKE, WHYYYYYYY?


Officially, my shiny new office shredder is here because it helps me to keep things neat and tidy in the office. Unofficially, I love my compost bin, I love it and want to give it special papery treats every now and again…

Is that so wrong?


The first meeting of the Swancon 33 committee is tomorrow, at our house. Which makes me realise just how not-ready we are for it. Much cleaning is in evidence, including the 2 miniskips parked out the front. So much to do… On the other hand, I know who I want to invite as guests (Yay for guest-wrangler me), and I have some pretty strong opinions on what I want to see at the Con, so it should be an animated conversation. And we’re providing a taco lunch with vegetarian options, and if there’s anything more wrong in the culinary world than a vegetarian taco, well, I hope they bring it tomorrow 🙂


So, let’s tick off the career goals I had when I started, shall we?

Story in Aurealis. Done
Story in Eidolon. Through the rise of Borderlands, done
Winner in the Writers of the Future. Done
Produce and perform an orginal Goon Show play. Done
Write for Dr Who. Oh well, nev…… STOP!

Thas right, peeps (don’t ask me, my fingers have gone all gangsta for a second). The frabjous Steven Savile, for whom I’ve just finished the first draft of my story The Ballad of Dwight & Renfield for his upcoming anthology Monster Noir, has contacted me and asked me to pitch an idea for an upcoming anthology of Dr Who stories he’s been commissioned to produce.

So I sent him two. Trust me, it took time to cut them down to that many…. More news as it happens, but if he picks one up I’m going to have to create some new goals. Like, you know, finish the second novel, sell the first one, that sort of thing.


Boys and I are off to the FTI tonight to see Godzilla: Final Wars.

Yeah, baby!!!!

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