Okay, so I said I’d only post on Tuesdays unless I had something ultra-froody to announce.

So I do.

Ahem. Father Muerte & The Theft was this very night announced as the winner of the 2005 Australian Shadows Award, awarded by the Australian Horror Writers Association for outstanding achievement in the field.

Judge Kim Wilkins had this to say:

The Battersby story, Father Muerte and the Flesh, just lingered with me. It was fabulously engaging from the first line, it took me on a journey, it had such scope, such a glorious but understated sense of history and mythology, the quality of the writing was superb, the structure was very accomplished, it was almost cinematic (would actually make a great film!) and I just have to cast my vote in that direction. I felt at every moment that I was in the hands of a gifted storyteller.

Kim Wilkins did said that. About me. 🙂 Touch chuffed, I is.

For the record, if you don’t understand the title of the post, go here and check out the award itself, as well as Kim’s comments. The great thing is, it’s being presented at Conflux, and Luscious and I only made the decision to attend a couple of weeks ago. Now I’ll have booty to bring back!

Now, where shall I put it to frighten the neighbours?

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